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Best Prices On CBD Anywhere

Discount Medicinal sells premium full spectrum CBD oils, gummies, capsules,  lotions, salves, and pet treats.  We list the CBD milligrams on all our CBD products.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitation hemp oil.  Read the label or description and verify the CBD dosage. 


Discount Medicinal has the best prices on name brand CBD products that I have found online!  No more getting ripped off on Amazon.

Richard Dyer

I am a loyal repeat customer of Discount Medicinal.  The prices are great, the service is fast and convenient.  I am not paying over priced local retail anymore!

Lisa Wells

Best deals I have found.  I love the 1000 mg Berry Flavored Tasty Drops.  The CBD moisturizer is another favorite.

Jemila Brown

Discount Medicinal

Providing the highest quality CBD and hemp oil products at an affordable price.  Offering a full spectrum premium hemp products like CBD chocolates and gummy edibles, tincture, capsules, lotions, salves, pet treats and more.   Is CBD right for you?

Discount Medicinal LLC

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Nashville TN 

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